Posted by: Gluten Free Muse | June 15, 2010

Gotta Love ‘Em Mondays!

I woke up this morning and seriously thought that I had been hit by a semi-truck…after jumping a foot in the air at the sound of my alarm and jumping another foot at the sound of my husband calling me at 5:01AM, I definitely got an abrupt awakening!  I woke up shortly after eating my pre-workout snack of banana and almond butter.

I drove to the gym and couldn’t believe how cold it was! 40 degrees and it is June 14th!!! I guess I can’t blame nature…I probably wouldn’t want to change if it wasn’t yet time (summer starts on 20 June…yippee!!).  I got to the gym and headed to the treadmill to try out my new Nike Pegasus running shoes. Ran 6 miles at an easy pace and couldn’t even tell they were brand new! Great break in shoe 🙂 Did some abs and hopped in the shower to get ready for work.

I don’t know how many of you have intestinal issues, but I have a TON! My Celiac symptoms are quite different from those of others, but essentially, I get very “stopped up” so to speak.  One thing that has worked for me time and time again are Naulis.  Ever heard of them? It is a morning exercise and it is a miracle worker!  If you have problems “going” just go to You Tube and type in “Nauli”.  I think these also help to define your ab muscles because it takes some serious control to do these moves! Just remember to do it first thing in the AM before drinking or eating ANYTHING! Good luck to ya 😉

My post workout snack was a protein smoothie of berries, vanilla protein powder, and flax seed. I drank half and saved it for a later day snack. Then I got my coffee!

On Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, I follow my morning workout with a latte.  This allows your body to reap the fat burning effects of caffeine without getting addicted (you obviously don’t drink coffee the rest of the week).  The coffee worked wonders!

I think I started the day off running.  Got to work at 7:30 in the morning and literally sat at my desk for 5 minutes before I was walking to the building across the street delivering a classified document. Got back and had PILES UPON PILES of paperwork that needed to be turned in by the end of the day (4:30PM), plus an ever so encroaching staff meeting that notoriously lasts for 2.5 hrs instead of the allotted 1.5.  Mondays are typically NOT my favorite, but I had so much energy that I actually didn’t mind it!  I took my Sepia twice and took my St. John’s Wort and B-Complex 3 times.  Maybe that did it??

For breakfast, I had 3 egg whites and half a grapefruit.  Not sure what is up with grapefruit these days, but WOW! Soooo sweet! I squeeze every last drop of juice right out of that sucker 🙂 I eat this for breakfast Monday thru Wednesday and absolutely love it! The protein from the egg whites really holds you over for about 2 hours and that grapefruit just hits the spot.

I’ve been told that drinking green tea in conjunction with a meal, not only helps you to eat more slowly, but also helps you metabolize your food better. Plus, you get to drink GREEN TEA! This one is Green Tea Blueberry Slim Life by Yogi Teas.

I was hungry about 2 hours later, so I drank the rest of my smoothie.  I’m not going to lie, my smoothies are very unattractive 😦 But quite tasty! For lunch, I didn’t get to take a picture because we had a working lunch, but it was so delicious! I had brown rice, steamed spinach, and a half filet of salmon that I broiled and topped with McCormick’s Seafood Rub.  I know this isn’t organic or completely all natural, but I can guarantee that you will enjoy it. Just sprinkle it on your fish, and pop in the oven at 425 degrees for 10-12 minutes. Delish!

For a midafternoon snack I had a turkey and alfalfa sprout wrap with a brown rice GF tortilla. You can get these at Whole Foods and they are tasty.  If you heat them up, they are even better 🙂 I upped the anty for tomorrow by adding a teaspoon of sundried tomato and garlic hummus.

Right before leaving work (5:45PM) I got hungry again so I ate my emergency snack of half a banana and a GF rice cake (Lundbergs is the guaranteed GF brand…unfortunately, Quaker cakes can be contaminated).

I was going to go to yoga, but all I really wanted to do was go home and take a steaming hot shower as I had been cold all day. After doing that, I regained tons of energy and got extremely motivated in the kitchen.  I just had some leftovers for dinner…balsamic grilled chicken, quinoa cake, grilled fennel, squash, and asparagus yum!

However, for the grand finale, I made Gluten Free Mommy’s Homemade Granola! Check out her link in my Favorite Blogs menu.  Absolutely delicious.  I took some of that, some leftover mango and blueberries, and topped it with kefir and more granola.  Completely satisfying!I also tried my talents at making the much recommended Bald Eagle Sauce by HEAB.  It isn’t her recipe, but she has been using it on everything! I had almost all of the ingredients on hand and mixed it all together. I am not the biggest mustard fan, so it was a bit too tangy for me, so I cut it with a bit of organic honey.  Then it was like a honey mustard heaven sauce…plus some mixed up bald eagles 😉 You can get the recipe on Heather’s site (also in my Favorite Blogs section).

Tomorrow is my weightlifting day, and because I don’t plan on being so adventurous in the kitchen, I am hoping to catch some yoga in the evening. I wish you all a wonderful Tuesday and sweet sweet dreams…of granola if you’re lucky 😉



  1. I hope you are having sweet dream right now, sweetie! 🙂

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