Posted by: Gluten Free Muse | June 16, 2010

New Identity

So after some discussion with my wise father, I decided that my previous blogger name may be offensive towards some people, so I’ve changed it.  I think that my new name, GF Muse, is much more appropriate for my goals of this blog anyways.  I am hoping that through my lessons learned and experimental remedies and recipes, I will inspire others who are suffering from Celiac to continue trying their best to achieve a gluten free lifestyle…eventually, gluten free nirvana!!

Today was a good day.  Same meals as yesterday, but a little different lunch…spinach salad with tuna.  I had a ton of energy in the morning and it started to wane near the end of the day.   It was a weird feeling though, not like I was really tired, but my body was tired.  And boy oh boy did I have an appetite today!  I got home and felt like I was going to pass out because I was so hungry! But the other weird thing was that I didn’t feel that hungry, but my body was hungry.  Any guys, you can’t relate, but ladies, when it is “that time of the month” my appetite really kicks up, does yours?

I got this amazing idea today, and it was that I wanted to be a free food taster! I love food, and I love talking about food…I’m the perfect candidate! I am on a mission to gain as much commercial interest as possible in order to taste the world of gluten free entrepreneurial foods 🙂  So pick me! I promise to get you some good publicity.

For dinner, I had more delicious leftovers, but topped them with peach salsa (Roberto’s) and Heather’s recently marketed Bald Eagle Sauce (with my added honey twist).  OOooooh, exciting news!  Today I ordered some more Don Sabrosa’s Salsas!  I’ve tried the Black Bean and Corn and the Peaches, Blueberries, and Honey, and I must admit, I am completely obsessed with the Peaches, Blueberries, and Honey!! I ordered a 3 pack of the hot. You can order your own here:

I also made another purchase today in preparation for my hike on Sunday…DUM DUM DUM!!!  THE INCLINE!!!!  If you are ever visiting Colorado Springs, you must give this a try.  This hike is the ultimate stair climber.  Better yet, it starts and ends in Manitou Springs, Colorado…cutest hippie town ever!  After the hike, I plan on going to one of my absolute favorite restaurants: Adam’s Mountain Cafe!!

Another “must eat” restaurant 🙂 Here is the website for you to check out…they also have gluten free accomodations!

And, here was my preparatory purchase:

Check out: for awesome discount apparel and gear for outdoors adventures!

Tomorrow is hump day, ladies and gents.  Get ready for it!


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